Club Constitution



1. The club headquarters are Tilgate Park, Crawley
2. Club Affiliations: United Kingdom Athletics (UKA), West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL), Sussex Grand Prix (SGP), Sussex County Athletics Association (SCAA).
3. The object of the club is the promotion of the amateur sport of running within Crawley and surrounding communities, including road, cross country and track.
4. The management of the club is vested in a committee of Officers of the Club consisting of:
Membership Secretary
Press & Media Officer (including newsletter)
Kit Officer
Social Secretary
Ordinary Member and up to three other members, all to be elected annually via an AGM.
The committee has the power to fill any vacancy that may arise.
Management Committee: The MC shall be comprised of the Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary and the Ordinary Member with an addition of up to three other members to be elected annually. The duties of the MC shall range from ensuring members receive fair treatment to safeguarding the property and funds of the Club in a responsible and ethical manner as well as ensuring members adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct abiding by the rules of the Constitution.
The club will have a Coaching Committee formed of UK Athletics qualified coaches identifying and agreeing potential new coaches and UK Athletics LiRF Certified Run Leaders to be added to the club’s quota as needs determine and agreed by the committee.
5. Membership of the club is restricted to amateurs, as defined by the rules of UK Athletics. Membership can be accepted with a completed application form passed to the Membership Secretary. The MC reserves the right to refuse membership or annual renewal of membership.
There are 3 levels of membership:
Single adult ~ £10
Honorary life membership
Junior membership ~ Free of Charge
Adults are those 16 or over on 1st April with the rest being classed as juniors. Honorary life membership may be granted to those who have been club members for at least the previous 10 years.
5.1 Paid-up members of the Club who are the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 16 (as at 1st April) may apply to register the child as a Junior member of the Club. Junior members may not serve as an Officer of the Club or be entitled to vote at the AGM. Junior membership is free of charge.
5.2 Members who are first claim members of another running club are subject to the rules of the Constitution and the Code of Conduct and have the same rights as first claim members of CSSRC, except:
They may not stand as an Officer of the Club or Member of the MC
They are not entitled to vote at the AGM or the SGM
They may not lead the call for an SGM or be one of the 20 members requisitioning an SGM.
6. Resignation - Any member intending to resign from the Club before their annual membership expires on 31st March, shall do so in writing to the Membership Secretary and their membership terminates from the date of notice unless they are financially indebted to the club, in which case the committee may withhold the notice until they have discharged their liability.
7. Subscription - The annual subscription is payable on election to the club and yearly every 1st April thereafter. The subscription fee being that set by the AGM annually.
a) The Committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears, provided one month's notice is given in writing. This notice is to be dispatched by First Class post (with Proof of Posting obtained) to the member’s last known address or verbally in witness with another committee member.
b) Details of such a member shall be sent to the Club Secretary and shared with the committee thereafter at the next meeting.
c) Any member who is in arrears concerning his/her subscription is not eligible to take part in any event promoted by the club, or to receive any club trophy or award.
8. The annual general meeting will be held during December every year, to receive the committee’s report and the club’s financial statement, to elect officers to the committee and to deal with matters on the agenda, which must be circulated at least 7 days prior to the meeting.
9. A special meeting may be called by the Secretary within 14 days of a request for such a meeting, signed by 20 club members and stating the nature of points to be raised.
10. Amendments to rules can only be made at the AGM or a special meeting called to discuss the specific points.
11. All club members must have 7 days’ notice of any AGM or special meeting and agenda of points to be dealt with.
12. In the event that an adult club member achieves 10 consecutive years membership of Crawley Saints & Sinners Running Club then, as a recognition of their support and loyalty, the club may reward that member with free club membership for life. Any club member who has already achieved 10 consecutive years membership at the time that this rule is approved by the membership may automatically qualify
13. Code of Conduct: ALL members must abide by the following Code of Conduct, the aim of which is to safeguard the harmony of the Club and ensure that all our members enjoy their running safely.
As a responsible club, we expect our members to:
Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every runner and others involved in the sport, treating everyone equally.
Consistently promote sportsmanship and fair play, both on and off the field and never condone rule violations or the use of banned substances.
Encourage all runners to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour and challenge inappropriate language or behaviour by others.
Place the welfare and safety of other runners above other considerations such as personal performance.
Adhere to national rules and guidelines for our sport (see
Try to resolve any disputes or grievances politely and informally.
14. Complaints & Disciplinary Procedure: In the case of grievances between members, those directly involved should first try to resolve the matter informally with the support of one or more neutral third parties, if necessary. Failing this, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Chairperson and the Club Secretary detailing a full account of the matter and attempts made to resolve.
In any case of serious misconduct or complaints / grievances against Officers of the Club or members of the MC, the member(s) concerned must immediately raise the complaint both verbally and in writing to the MC as a whole.
In such cases, the MC will consider allegations of misconduct / complaints / grievances in a manner of its choosing as soon as conveniently possible and reach a decision. This decision will be final.
The MC reserves the right to respond to any and all breaches of the Code of Conduct with any of the following:
Verbal warning
Written warning
Suspension / withdrawal of membership
15. Auditor: An auditor will be appointed by a General Meeting of the Club. The appointment will continue until the resignation of the auditor or a new appointment is made at a General Meeting. Any suitably qualified person who does not hold a role on the Committee or MC may be appointed as auditor. The duties are to review the annual accounts of the club prepared by the Treasurer and to certify whether or not these give a true and accurate view of the Club’s financial position and to confirm whether or not adequate records have been kept.
16. Club Colours & Personalised Kit: The club vest / t-shirt colour is yellow with the club logo printed in black on the front and back. Club colours must be worn at all WSFRL, SGP and SCAA events. Club vests and t-shirts may bear the name of the member but any other logo or slogan are forbidden.
17. Advertising & Personal Benefit: The Club’s logo and name must not be used to advertise or endorse other organisations or their products. The printing of another organisation’s name / logo / contact details on any item of club kit is forbidden. The MC may, at it its discretion, allow the printing of the name  and other details of charitable organisations on special edition kit for specific events.
It is also forbidden for members to use club events such as training sessions, league races (WSFRL, SGP and SCAA) to promote or market to derive personal gain.
18. London Marathon Places: A number of places may be awarded to the Club for the London Marathon depending on the number of Club members registered with UK Athletics. These places will be allocated by ballot.
To be eligible for the ballot, a member must:
Be a fully paid-up first claim member of the Club with at least one full calendar year of continuous membership
Be affiliated to UK Athletics with up to date payment
Have competed in at least 4 league events (WSFRL, SGP or SCAA) in the calendar year
Have served the club as a volunteer on at least one occasion during the calendar year
The ballot will take place at the AGM. Members who have already secured a place in the London Marathon will not be eligible. The MC reserves the right to alter the conditions of eligibility for the ballot at its discretion.

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