Club Constitution



1) Name of club

Crawley Saints and Sinners Running Club (CSSRC or ‘Club’ hereafter)

2) Affiliations

United Kingdom Athletics (UKA), The West Sussex Fun Run League (WSFRL), The Sussex Grand Prix (SGP), Sussex County Athletics Association (SCAA)

3) Object

The object of the club is to promote the amateur sport of running within Crawley and surrounding communities, including road, track and cross country.

4) Officers of the Club

The Officers of the Club are:

Membership Secretary
Head Coach
WSFRL Representative
SGP Representative
SCAA Representative
Press and Media Officer
Newsletter Editor
Social Secretary
Kit Officer
Ordinary Member

Officers will be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All Officers will stand down each year at the AGM but will be eligible for re-election. One person may hold more than one Officer role, but no one is permitted to be both Chairperson and Treasurer at the same time. Any person on the Management Committee (see Section 5) with more than one Officer role is only entitled to one vote.

5) Management Committee (MC)

The MC shall be composed of the Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary, the Head Coach, the Ordinary Member and a minimum of 3 other members, all elected annually, 5 to form a quorum. The maximum number of committee members allowed is 15.

The MC will meet regularly throughout the year (every 6 weeks on average), the date of each meeting to be agreed by members at the preceding meeting. The Secretary will be responsible for arranging and booking a suitable venue, and for taking the minutes of each meeting, which will be published on the Club website within 30 days of the meeting and emailed to members on request. The MC reserves the right to remove from the published minutes of meetings any discussion, information or data of a private or personal nature.

The MC shall be responsible for Club administration. Its duties will include:

  • arranging runs, training sessions and coaching for the membership, within the limits of available volunteers and resources
  • ensuring that members receive fair treatment
  • looking after the welfare of members and exercising reasonable care in planning and organising activities for them
  • safeguarding the property and funds of the Club in a responsible and ethical manner
  • organising teams to represent the Club in the race leagues to which it is affiliated
  • planning and organising the Club’s annual WSFRL race
  • arranging social events
  • managing the Club’s website and social media presence to keep members abreast of training dates and times, Club news and developments
  • advertising and promotion of the Club
  • ensuring that members adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct and abide by the rules of the Constitution
  • adopting new policies, rules and codes of practice on behalf of the membership
  • appointing advisers and sub-committees where necessary in order to fulfil its business
  • filling committee vacancies that arise and co-opting members to the committee as required

The MC will uphold UK law relating to discrimination and child protection and adhere to all relevant UK data protection legislation. By standing as an Officer of the Club or member of the MC, the person concerned agrees to abide by such legislation in carrying out his or her official duties and to safeguard and not to divulge to third parties any information which the MC deems to be confidential.

The MC reserves the right to make new appointments to the MC up to the allowed maximum of 15 members without a vote by the full Club membership. The MC also reserves the right to dismiss from the committee any member of the MC who has been absent for 3 meetings in succession or more, but dismissal shall be a matter of discretion and not applied indiscriminately in the case of such absences. This right of dismissal does not apply to the Chairperson, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary and the Head Coach, who must serve on the committee throughout their tenure.

In the event of a tied vote at MC meetings, the Chairperson will have a casting vote.

6) Membership

Membership of the Club is open to anyone interested in running, at the MC’s discretion, regardless of running ability, sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation and religious or political beliefs, where such beliefs do not conflict with the Club’s Code of Conduct and the rules of the Constitution. The MC reserves the right to refuse membership or annual renewal of membership.

Persons wishing to join the Club must complete the official application form, giving their unconditional agreement to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and the rules of the Constitution by ticking the consent box. They must also tick the appropriate box on the form if they wish to forbid the publication of images of themselves or their children on the Club website or Facebook pages or in the local press or other official literature. If the person already belongs to a UKA / AAA / ARC affiliated club, they must declare their first-claim allegiance at the time of joining.

There are three categories of membership:

  1. single adult
  2. family (2 x adults & 2 x children)
  3. honorary life membership

Adults are those aged 16 and over on 1st January, the rest being classed as Juniors. Honorary life membership may be granted to those who have reached the age of 65 years and who have been Club members for at least the previous 10 years. The conferring of such membership is at the discretion of the MC - in recognition of significant service to the Club over a long period, for example. Honorary life members will have the same voting and other rights as adult members.

Where adults are enrolled in the category of family membership, each has the right to vote at AGMs and Special General Meetings (SGM), and to call SGMs with the required 19 other members (see section 15). Junior members have no such voting or SGM rights.

Members who are first-claim members of another running club are subject to the rules of the Constitution and the Code of Conduct and have the same rights as first-claim members of CSSRC, except:

  • they may not stand as an Officer of the Club or member of the MC
  • they are not entitled to vote at the AGM or an SGM
  • they may not lead the call for an SGM or be one of the 20 members requisitioning an SGM

7) Junior Members

Junior members are accepted only on the basis that their parents or guardians have read and agreed to the following conditions:

a) When a junior member attends any club training session or event, his or her safety and wellbeing are the responsibility of the parents or guardians or an adult designated by the parents or guardians to monitor and supervise the junior member concerned. The club will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries or damage caused by unsupervised junior members, whether to themselves or to third parties.

b) Since the Club’s coaches and run leaders are only qualified to lead and train persons aged 12 and above, it is the responsibility of a junior’s parents or guardians to ensure that any event or activity in which the junior takes part is appropriate for his or her fitness and stage of physical and mental development if he or she is aged 11 or under. Parents and guardians are strongly advised to seek professional advice from a specialist coach or physical education instructor about the correct training load, distance and duration of activity for their child / children. The Club’s England Athletics-trained run leaders and coaches are not qualified to give such advice and the Club cannot be held responsible for any injuries, illness or permanent physical harm to a junior aged 11 or under resulting from participation in Club activities.

8) Subscription

The annual subscription will be fixed by the MC each year prior to 1st January. The subscription is payable with an application for membership, and subscription renewals fall due on 1st January each year. They must be paid within 60 days. Any member whose subscription has not been paid within this time period will be deemed to have resigned from the Club by the MC. Renewals after the 60 day period of grace will be subject to a £3 rejoining fee.

Members who join after 1st October will be not be required to renew their subscription on 1st January of the following year, but will have their membership extended to 31st December of that year. Those non-members who have paid for one of the Club’s Learn to Run courses in a given year will be registered as members until 31st December of that year, when their subscription will fall due.

9) Code of Conduct

All members must abide by the following Code of Conduct, the aim of which is to safeguard the harmony of the Club and ensure that our members enjoy their running safely.

As a responsible club, we expect our members to:

  • respect the rights, dignity and worth of every runner and others involved in the sport, treating everyone equally
  • consistently promote sportsmanship and fair play, both on and off the field, and never condone rule violations or the use of banned substances
  • encourage all runners to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour, and challenge inappropriate language or behaviour by others
  • place the welfare and safety of other runners above other considerations such as personal performance
  • adhere to national rules and guidelines for our sport (see
  • try to resolve any disputes or grievances politely and informally

10) Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure

In the case of grievances between members, those directly involved should first try to resolve the matter informally, with the support of one or more neutral third parties if necessary. If this fails, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Chairperson or Secretary, with a description of the issue and an account of the attempts at resolution that have been tried already.

In the case of serious misconduct (e.g. assault) or complaints or grievances against Officers of the Club or members of the MC, including aspects of the club’s provision for members as laid down in the Constitution, the member(s) concerned must immediately raise the complaint both verbally and in writing to the MC as a whole.

In both the above cases, the MC will consider the allegation of misconduct, complaint or grievance in a manner of its choosing as soon as conveniently possible and reach a decision. This decision will be final.

The MC reserves the right to respond to breaches of the Code of Conduct with any of the following:

  • verbal warning
  • written warning
  • suspension or withdrawal of membership

11) Property and Funds

The property and funds of the Club will be safeguarded and managed by the MC in a responsible and ethical manner, for the benefit of all members. The property and funds must not be used for the direct or indirect private benefit of individual members, except as permitted by the rules of the Constitution, and all surplus income and profits are to be reinvested in the Club.

The Club may use the property and funds to provide sporting and related social facilities, sporting equipment and coaching for members. The Club may also sell sports clothing and equipment to members in connection with the purposes of the club.

12) Finance and the Club Treasurer

All funds will be held in an online banking account by the Club Treasurer in the name of the Club. The Treasurer’s duties will be:

  1. to monitor payments into and out of the Club account, recording and clearly identifying individual transactions on a spreadsheet
  2. to communicate promptly with Club Committee Members and Officers requesting information about specific financial transactions, past and present
  3. to make payments to the Club’s creditors as required, subject to the countersignature of the Chairperson or Secretary in the case of payments by cheque
  4. to collect cash payments made by members for weekly sessions, record them in the books and deposit them in the Club account, or delegate the tasks of collection and/or deposit to an Officer of the Club or MC member
  5. to deposit Club membership and UKA membership payments in the Club account, liaising with the Membership and UKA Secretaries as necessary to ensure that an accurate record is kept by all
  6. to report to the MC, providing a monthly breakdown of income and expenditure by category and the current account balance
  7. to provide an audited statement of the accounts at the end of the Club’s financial year, which must be presented in full to the membership at the Club’s AGM

The Treasurer will be responsible and accountable for all the finances of the Club. The Treasurer and 2 other Officers of the Club, normally the Chairperson and Secretary, will have access to the Club’s internet banking account, but only the Treasurer may transfer money out of the account without reference to the other signatories. In exceptional circumstances, either of the 2 Officers of the Club with access to the account may initiate a money transfer or other account transaction, but in all such cases they should seek approval in advance from the Treasurer where possible and they must inform the Treasurer immediately once any such transaction has been made.

All cheques drawn against Club funds must bear the signatures of 2 out of the 3 designated account signatories.

Upon standing down as Treasurer at the AGM without being re-elected to the position or upon resigning or being dismissed by a majority vote of the MC or voted out of office at a SGM during the Club’s financial year, the former Treasurer must:

  • initiate the process of transferring internet banking access and authority to operate the Club account to the incoming Treasurer, this process to be completed within 30 days of the former Treasurer standing down unless prevented by delays outside his or her control
  • continue to safeguard and operate the Club account until the transfer to the incoming Treasurer has been completed, and hand over all accounts, invoices, bills, statements etc belonging to the Club immediately upon completion of the transfer

The financial year of the Club will end on 30th September.

13) Auditor

An Auditor will be appointed by a General Meeting of the Club. The appointment will continue until the resignation of the Auditor or a new appointment is made by a General Meeting. Any suitably qualified person who is not an Officer of the Club or member of the MC may be appointed as Auditor. The duties of the Auditor are to review the annual accounts of the club prepared by the Treasurer and to certify whether or not these give a true and accurate view of the Club’s financial position and to confirm whether or not adequate records have been kept.

14) Annual General Meeting (AGM)

A General Meeting will be held during the month of December in every year to receive the MC’s report and financial statement, elect Officers of the Club and MC members and deal with any other matter specified on the agenda. The Club Secretary will give 21 days’ notice of the AGM and notice of any business which members desire to place on the agenda must be given in writing to the Club Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Nominations for Officers of the Club and MC members must be given in writing not less than 14 days prior to the meeting. Nominations may be accepted on the night at the Chairperson’s discretion.

An audited copy of the accounts will be presented to members by the Club Treasurer at the AGM.

15) Special General Meeting (SGM)

A Special General Meeting must be called by the Club Secretary within 14 days of receiving a requisition in writing signed by 20 fully paid-up members of the Club, stating the business to be brought before such a meeting. The Club Secretary will give at least 7 days’ notice of the time and place of any such SGM and the business to be dealt with, and no other business will be dealt with at any such meeting.

16) Alterations to the Constitution

No alteration or addition to the Constitution may be made except by an AGM or SGM called specifically for that purpose. Notice of any proposed amendment must be given as stated in sections 14) and 15) of the Constitution.

17) Club Colours and Personalised Kit

The Club vest colour is yellow with the club logo printed in black on the front and back. Club vests must be worn at all Sussex Grand Prix, West Sussex Fun Run League and Sussex County Athletic Association events. They must also be worn at any other competition or race in which the Club participates as an official team, but need not be worn by individuals and informal groups of members taking part in events of their own choosing. Club vests for events may bear the name of the member, but any other logos or slogans are not permitted (see section 18).

18) Advertising

The Club’s name and logo must not be used to advertise or endorse other organisations or their products. The printing of another organisation’s name, logo, contact details etc on any item of club kit is forbidden. The MC may at its discretion allow the printing of the name and other details of charitable organisations on special edition kit for a specific event, but such kit must not be worn in lieu of Club colours (see Section 17). The MC may also arrange sponsorship for club events from third parties whom the MC believes reflect the values and ethos of the Club, and such parties may be allowed to print their logo and details on items bearing the Club’s name and logo but excluding items of Club kit.

19) Private Facebook Page For Members

Fully paid-up members are entitled to access the Club’s private Facebook page, at the discretion of the MC. All posts to the page must comply with the Code of Conduct. Members should be wary of making comments and using terms which, while intended ironically or in jest, may nevertheless cause offence to certain members.

Members are welcome to use the private page in order to advertise items for sale or to make personal recommendations of products or services, but the posting of advertisements for commercial organisations is not permitted without approval from the Chairperson or Press and Media Officer. The only exception to this rule is advertisements for races and events involving running. In some cases permission to post will be granted provided that a disclaimer is included, stating that the Club does not endorse the product or service offered and receives no financial or other benefit from the company concerned.

20) London Marathon places

A number of places may be awarded to the Club for the London Marathon, depending on the number of Club members registered with UK Athletics. These places will be allocated to members by ballot.

To be eligible for the ballot, a member must:

  • be a fully paid-up first-claim member of the club with at least one calendar year of continuous membership
  • be affiliated to UK Athletics with payment up-to-date
  • have competed in at least 4 league races (WSFRL, SGP, SCAA) in the year of the ballot
  • have served the Club as a volunteer on at least one occasion during the year

Examples of volunteering include: helping with the Tilgate 5 race, Tilgate Park Working Group, Turner’s Hill race, Learn to Run, Sunday runs, being a Run Leader, marshalling for the 13 Boroughs runs, helping with the Mile Challenge, route planning for a session, organising a social event.

The ballot will take place at the AGM. Members who have already secured a place in the London Marathon will not be eligible. The MC reserves the right to alter the conditions of eligibility for the ballot at its discretion.

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