8 week 5km training plan

This 8 week plan is aimed to get you an improvement on your 5km time (i.e. parkrun). The first thing you need to do is race a 5km run on a Saturday/Sunday to set the benchmark. Details of each session are below the table.

Week Monday Wednesday Homework
Week 1 Hill Session 1 Interval Session 1 45 minute easy run
Week 2 Tempo Session 1 Speed Session 1 50 minute easy run
Week 3 Neville's Square Interval Session 1 55 minute easy run
Week 4 Fartlek Session 1 6 mile steady run (include hills) 60 minutes easy run
Week 5 Hill Session 2 5 mile steady run 70 minutes easy run
Week 6 (easy week) 50 mins easy run Steady 8-10km 75 minutes easy run
Week 7 Hill Session 3 Tempo Run 60 minutes easy run
Week 8 Interval Session 2 5 mile steady run 60 minutes easy run

All sessions to have a steady warm up involving at least 1 mile slow run followed by exercises
All sessions will finish with a cool down jog of at least 1 mile
Faster runners should aim for 1.5 - 2 miles warm up /cool down run

Hill Session 1

Hill split into 3 sections: Short, medium, long.

4 mins - short
1.5 mins - recovery
3 mins - medium
1.5 mins - recovery
2 mins - long
2.5 mins - recovery
14.5 mins
2 reps
29 mins total

Recovery is an active recovery going along the hill. 

Interval Session 1

To be completed around the Tilgate dam in a loop
3 mins 5km effort, 90 seconds recovery pace

Run leader in charge will have the whistle to indicate the time periods
Everyone should always be moving.

Speed Session 1

After a long warm up group will do 5-10 reps of strides over 45 seconds followed by 3 minute recovery jog.
Group will use this recovery to regroup.
Following this, the group will partake in a long cool down to reduce injury risk
The speed element of the session would ideally be done on large trail paths without many people about.

Neville's Square

As per coaches session last summer.
4 minutes 5km effort, 1 min recovery pace

Fartlek Session 1

Split group into 2/3/4 smaller groups for abilities
Each group has a run leader that will control the pace. The leader chooses the times when the pace changes. Distance will vary but should range from 4 - 7 miles.

Hill Session 2

25 minute hill repeats. This will be done at the hill up to the first M23 bridge crossing Idea is to keep at a constant effort throughout.

Hill Session 3

Hill reps up chevron
This will be as horrible as it sounds.
Slow recovery jog back down
Aim for last and first to be at the same pace

Tempo Run

5km run. 1st km - 5km effort/pace less 30 seconds per km (slower)
2nd km - 5km effort/pace less 15 seconds per km (slower)
3rd km - 5km pace/effort
4th km - 5km effort plus 15 seconds per km (faster)
5th km - 5km effort plus 30 seconds per km (faster)

Interval Session 2

Using path near first M23 bridge,
everyone will run up slight incline at 70 - 85% maximum effort. Once at crest of incline, runners will turn and jog back to start. This is the active recovery
Runners will continue this for 15 - 20 minutes.
Follow this with extended cool down to aid recovery process